Pink Candy bag garden party!! 2 days to go!

•August 8, 2008 • Leave a Comment

So, the first of my breast cancer events is this weekend in my mother’s gorgeous garden, featuring the Pink Candy bag. 15% of proceeds will go to the Carol M. Baldwin foundation which is based here in the Syracuse area. The bag has actually traveled to Watkins Glen this weekend for an event with Carol and Beth Baldwin and I am hoping it is a hit and raises lots of money for their foundation!! Here are some of the shots of the bag from the Thornden Park shoot.

Here is a close up of the Candy bag in signature Lilipad colors!

Here is a close up of the Candy bag in signature Lilipad colors!

Thanks again to Candy for being the fabulous model of her bag! I will hopefully have this up on the Etsy site as well for anyone that cannot make the Candy bag events.


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Photos from Fall 08 Thornden Park photo shoot

•August 7, 2008 • 1 Comment

Here are some of the photos that the fabulous photographer Suzanne Dunn took in Thornden Park. I think they came out amazingly and am indebted to have such a talent capturing the look of Lilipad.

The new Lilipad Studio/storefront!!

•August 6, 2008 • 2 Comments

Well, today was officially move-in day 1! Lilipad Creations is now located in studio 240 at 509 W. Fayette St. in the Delavan Center! We took about half of the fabric over, dress forms, trims, you name it and it sits in a pile in the corner of the studio! I am so excited about the space, I can’t even say! It will take a bit of time to establish the layout and the delineation of the storefront from the studio, but I already have a million different ideas. However, right now I need to focus on getting back up and working as soon as possible!! I have the first of the Pink Candy bag kick-offs this weekend in my mother’s garden and then 3 purse parties next week! Yikes, I have to finish the designs of two of my new bags, the Claire bag, which is just so cool and named for my good friend Claire Biel. The second bag is the new Jodie laptop sleeve which has been in demand for quite some time now. I am excited to be debuting them next week at the purse parties, so if you are attending you will be some of the lucky few to catch the first ones. I also have my shop up on Etsy and have found it much easier to maintain than my website. So if you are looking for the most up to date Lilipad items please check that shop at! OK, I will post more and perhaps some photos of the new space in the next few days.

Yeah, Lilipad has entered the blogosphere!

•August 6, 2008 • 1 Comment

Well, Hello! Finally…. I have been begged, pleaded, arm-twisted into creating a blog….and I am so excited! After I organize things a little better I will get started with a little Lilipad background and what I am up to currently, including my move into my new studio space/storefront. Stay tuned…..